Green Courtyards

Courtyard - Innovation - Outlook
Our competition entry looks far beyond traditional thought patterns and presents itself as innovative and forward-looking. The examination of the subject and the historically significant building area leads to three main concepts, which the present concept focuses on:

HofGarten - Urban Space - Ensemble
With the designation "HofGarten" we define urban space in a new way. The HofGarten is an urban space that is strongly influenced by nature and combines both elements - city and nature. The contrast between city and nature lends the urban design idea a special quality and is brought together as an ensemble in terms of design and content. Furthermore, the concept builds is based on the idea that both project parcels are considered a single project under the theme of the "courtyard": The courtyard as a connecting element.

It brings all buildings together across parcel boundaries and offers protection, intimacy, contemplation, the experience of nature, a sense of community and encounters. The result is an arrangement of bold and innovative new buildings as a cautious general ensemble with three parts:

House A: House on the Square
House B: Courtyard House, in the middle of the HofGarten
House C: Town House, flanking the street

Concept - loud / quiet - extroverted / introverted
The House on the Square acts as a strong spine and effectively shapes the reception area on the plateau in terms of urban planning. The compact, open-plan Town House flanking the main street forms the protective urban transition between town and nature as well as public and private. The more introverted Courtyard House stands in the middle of the HofGarten. It acts as a mediator between the cubature of the ensemble, the private gardens and the wonderful natural experience of the Aulbachtal and Mattheiser forests.

The living concept developed in the design contains a social and peaceful mixture of young and old, from single to family. An efficient production technology in the factory and an economical and environmentally friendly ventilation and energy concept contribute to a considerable cost reduction, stand for a responsible relationship with our resources and for the fulfilment of contemporary housing needs.

In collaboration with cfw architekten