Villa Vitrum, Grevenmacher

Conversion of a single-storey bungalow into a luxurious villa

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Building description
The existing single-storey bungalow construction with tent roof from the 1970s is urban and architecturally unobtrusive. Measured by its outstanding position, this is inadequate and too sober. However, the exposed location on the slope offers the possibility of optimal exposure and orientation. These two points are the reason for the concept idea of an open glass extension. The existing tent roof is removed and thus an additional living area is created. The existing first level will be generously modernized.

The new villa is characterized by an unadulterated elegance. The stock is respectfully integrated in the concept and modernized. The new and noble design language is harmoniously integrated into the environment. An open space sequence in the existing and new building, which creates different living areas over two levels, replaces the small scale structures of the old building.

Adjusted room-modules divide the new open living area, becoming the new focal point of the building. While these modules take on a serving and introverted function, the free and newly created light-filled living spaces open up to the outside. The concept idea with dreamlike views on city and landscape and a perfect exposure is comprehensively realized in this way.