Modular Wooden Building Moutfort

Office space and exhibition venue

Architect and tenant
FAT Architects S.à r.l.


Blumer-Lehmann AG / Gossau SG

Modular Wooden Building Moutfort – Sustainability and Functional Flexibility

The slogan “on the road again” sums up the journey of the wooden modules used by FAT ARCHITECTS SARL quite well:

On top of the mountain Chäserrug (2262m above sea level), located in the canton of St.Gallen in Switzerland, the modular timber structures, which are now set up in Moutfort, had been used as an interim eatery. Fabricated by the timber construction specialists at Blumer-Lehmann AG in Gossau (CH), the modules were transported up the mountain via cableway and joined to form the temporary alpine hut. After completion of the permanent restaurant, they were air lifted via helicopter and taken back to the facility of the swiss timber construction company. As future users, the architects of FAT were now in the position to re-plan the modules according to their requirements. Refitted to the specifications, the modules were transported from Switzerland to their destination in Luxembourg, where they were mounted by a truck crane within a few hours. The modules now serve as an office space as well as an exhibition venue.

Wooden Building Moutfort

The modules join together harmoniously at their new habitat - the unitary façade with it’s dark, horizontal battens emphasizes this feel. The use of wood as building material achieves a high standard regarding haptical and visual appearance, ambient air and acoustics. The large windows ensure a light and pleasing atmosphere.

Embedded in their new small-scale, residential context, the modules were stacked as to compose a two-storied structure. The bottom module, placed onto six supporting brackets, creates the ground floor with meeting room / exhibition space, built-in cabinets, restroom and staircase. The opposing shear wall is equally resting on steel brackets. Together, they form the support for the two modules on the upper level. The spatial merge of these two modules creates a large, representative area, accommodating an office space incl. kitchenette, more built-in cabinets and a small shower unit.

Typically, modular timber construction is characterized by an exceptional grade of pre-fabrication, by high flexibility as well as by surpassing recycling compatibility and sustainability.

All fittings made from three-layer panels like cabinets and stairs, as well as the kitchen, toilet and shower and even the facade and the green roof had been completely pre-installed. By thorough coordination of all work steps, all of the refit was finalized in just four weeks. During this period of time, only the ground preparation, the point foundations, the house entry pipe and the landscaping needed to be undertaken on site. The actual mounting of the modules was carried out within just a few hours.

The flexibility, apart from the general mobility of whole modules, in this case, lies especially in the functional variability. While once set up to cater for visitors, they now host the new office of FAT ARCHITECTS SARL and artists find a space to present their works.

The project Modular Wooden Building Moutfort is a temporary set up - when it’s time the modules can be adapted and reused again in a different context. In line with the idea of a circular economy, the remarkable journey of the modules will be continued. At the end of their lifespan, the modules are completely dismantlable and thus can be almost entirely recycled.

Building spec sheet

Planning and supervision:

Project participants:
Blumer-Lehmann AG, SAS Bau, Neufra Elektro,
Flach S.A., ATS Cranes

Type of use:
office + exhibition

4 weeks

6h + 2 days of finishing work

Grade of pre-fabrication:
90 %

On-site work:
4 weeks
ground preparation, point foundations, house entry pipe, landscaping

Total floor area:
84,7 m2 (ground floor : 29,5 m2 / upper floor : 55,2 m2)

Net area:
63,3 m2 (ground floor: 21,3 m2 / upper floor: 42 m2)

reused timber modules,
incl. reused flooring, windows, and ceilings
pre-fab green roof
three-layer panel (staircase, cabinets)

Energy standard:

Picture source

Photo 01, 02, 04, 05, 08, 09, 10, 11: Jan Malburg (
Photo 03, 06, 07, 12, 13, 14, 15 : FAT Architects S.à r.l.