New Center – Monastery Area Föhren

Award in the investor selection process for the conversion of the monastery at Föhren and reorganization of the monastery area – 1st Price

Municipality Föhren

FAT ARCHITECTS SARL in collaboration with Axt Architekten

After decades of standstill and decay, the historic, listed monastery building in Föhren and the associated area shall – whilst both respecting the past and looking to the future – be taken to new heights. Our design plans to transform the characteristic monastery area into a focal point and thus create a new heart for the community of Föhren. The concept combines existing local structures and strengthens the continued, integrated development of the village.

A traffic-reduced village centre with a very high quality of experience is envisaged, something which has been missing in the community until now. The newly developed neighbouring buildings with precise offset structures, wider and narrower sections, will surround the old monastery building.

A water feature as an attraction for young and old, adjacent shops, cafes and restaurants would invite you to linger, thus creating a new village centre with character, atmosphere and lifestyle. Parking in this high-quality zone would be located in designated parking spaces, as well as in the planned underground car park.

Due to the regional style elements and the façade language and materiality, which are based on the original monastery architecture, the building development would harmoniously blend into the existing structure and look familiar.

For the heart of the quarter, the original monastery building, we propose an apart-hotel with a brewery and restaurant for regional products. This would create a new point of attraction for the monastery building and do justice to its prominent location in the complex.

In the southern section of the planning area, a corner building, which could house an ice cream parlor, shall border the central square. Apartments are foreseen for the upper floors A newly formed, inner courtyard at the rear shall provide for assisted living and a crèche.

In the northern section of the planning area, a residential development with an inner courtyard at the monastery shall be developed. This would be formed from the existing monastery building with a building extension, the old gatehouse and the newly arranged wing.

At the rear of the historic monastery building, our plan allows for a second square, which should further enhance the area.

We envisage that the monastery, as the new centre of the village, will experience an enhanced identity and appreciation. This should be experienced first-hand by residents, passers-by, tourists and customers from the local area: by living in and experiencing the attractive quarter.