City on the river and Trier West

Design for the reinforcement of urban development in Trier

Privately financed

The design for a bicycle and pedestrian bridge constructed out of timber offers the “City on the river” and “West Trier” city projects a decisive boost in focused and lasting urban development with high, socially responsible potential.

Such a bridge would promote the appeal of the Trier West quarter of the city and qualitatively enhance and rejuvenate the banks of the River Moselle. The large self-supporting timber bridge will span over 200m across the River Moselle and create a new landmark in the Moselle region.

This ambitious project has been studied and developed in collaboration with Professor Michael Flach (University of Innsbruck). The illustrated design shows a pylon bridge, which harmoniously and confidently incorporates itself into the urban context.

The new bridge building generates significant added value to land and parts of the city. One proposal to fund the construction of the bridge would be to challenge the small scale development plan in Trier West and to use a multi-storey, metropolitan development to attract private investors.

Carbon neutral, sustainable and environmentally-friendly timber has deliberately been selected for the structure. This enables the city of Trier to counteract rising climate change, offset carbon emissions and actively participate in climate protection as an innovative and forward-thinking city.