Twofield-sporthalls for the district sports facilities Trier-West and Feyen

Construction supervision and documentation regarding the construction of two wooden sports halls in Trier

Gebäudewirtschaft Trier

MGF Architekten (design and execution LPH1-LPH8)

On-site supervision:
FAT Architects S.à r.l (LPH 8)

District sports facility Trier-West / Feyen

2019 - 2020

Gross floor area
2.090 m2

Gross Volume
14.395 m3

Building specification
For the two identical gymnasiums in Trier (Trier-West and Trier-Feyen), the designing architects (MGF Architekten from Stuttgart) used an effective modular principle.

The proposed principle can be realized at different locations and in different sizes. The building set consists of prefabricated wall and roof elements. Wood, in two basic geometric shapes, the rod and the plate, are joined together as components of the construction kit. On top of the in-situ reinforced concrete slab with strip foundations constructed on site, the wooden elements are mounted as roof and wall components with a visible, linear construction grid on the facade and the hall ceiling. The precisely prefabricated elements can be assembled in a remarkably short time, almost regardless of weather conditions. Internal solid wood walls (cross laminated timber) serve as stiffening of the supporting structure.

Economic efficiency
A basic grid of 3 x 3 metres is ideal for creating functional areas of the sports halls, prefabrication and transport to the construction site. At a width of 3 m, wooden elements are transported without hassle and guarantee a fast, thus economic implementation of the planning. In addition, a reduction in planning costs has been achieved by using the same (mirrored) plan for the construction of both gymnasiums.

Building material wood
The building material wood is perfectly suited for this construction task in all respects; in the interior, wood creates a pleasant room climate; the elemental wooden facade made of Douglas fir is economically efficient both in construction and operation. The clear geometrical zoning of open and closed elements optimally supports the implementation as a modular system. Natural lighting and ventilation create a pleasant atmosphere for sports and games.