Ecological timber construction of the Weinkulturland Mosel building, Trier

Project development as part of a Master’s degree course of a plot of land once used for the gondola lift on the banks of the River Moselle, Trier


This Master thesis comprises an architectural design in the form of a representative building for the organisation Weinkulturland Mosel.

The progressive revival of the image of the Riesling wines of the Moselle in recent years has placed a new positive focus on the entire cultural landscape of the Moselle region for tourism and wine enthusiasts.
This thesis inspires a comprehensive representation of this globally unique and exceptional wine-producing area. The emphasis on ecology and sustainability is symbolic of the new Riesling. An emblem for the entire Moselle region is thus developed at a superior location on the River Moselle in Trier and developed with forward-looking, ecological, mixed timber construction methods.

The exclusive location will be the new representation for organisations such as associations of winemakers or tourism and interest groups of the entire Moselle region. It portrays, globally and integrally, a united presence of the Moselle valley. The design presents an ensemble of buildings comprising a winery, media centre and a main building for management and administration as well as for exhibitions about every aspect of Moselle viticulture.